The Build Up by Tati Richardson

Join the exciting journey of two highly skilled architects who become entangled in a complex web of desire, ambition, and undeniable attraction in the vibrant city of Atlanta. Despite facing numerous obstacles as Black professionals in a world that often hinders their progress, they strive to balance their personal and professional lives. “The Build-Up” is an emotionally charged tale that takes a deep dive into the complexities of relationships and the power of persistence, guaranteed to capture your heart. Follow these architects as they build their careers and nurture a love that is strong enough to conquer any obstacle. I loved the character development in the story, particularly Ari, who I found myself relating to more than any other character I’ve read. Her unwavering strength and defensiveness are offset by her deep compassion and nurturing nature. When she meets Porter, it becomes challenging for her to keep her guard up as he exhibits some of the same remarkable qualities.

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The Build Up synopsis:
A truly unfortunate first day of work leads to unexpected love in this sparkling debut from Romance in Colour podcast cohost Tati Richardson.

Rumpled and ragged was not how architect Ari James envisioned kicking off her first day at a new firm. And few things can top the horror of her new—and extremely hot—colleague walking in on her at the worst moment ever. Learning that she’ll be working with him on the project that’s supposed to get her career back on top makes it harder than ever to focus on her big comeback.

With a partnership at his firm on the line, nothing is going to stand in the way of Porter Harrison absolutely killing it on his new project: not his obnoxious rival, not his unpredictable brother and definitely not his new coworker whose gorgeous curves he accidentally saw and now can’t get out of his head.

Though neither of them is looking for love, once their creative juices get flowing, Ari and Porter’s connection is obvious. But when their shared goal has always been winning at work, building a solid foundation for a relationship might end up costing them everything…

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